~Winter is Coming~

That’s a GOT reference? I see it a lot these days…

Winter break totally going to try and build a quadcopter, catch up with Economist (publishes every fucking week how do they do it…), get my winter ##hastag########motherfuckingmorehashtags#####swag on, lose tumblr followers, go to one or more chess tournaments (and lose), reflect on critical life mistakes when I lay in my bed waiting to fall asleep, and of course not learn to twerk. 

Oh what’s that Allen? You play chess?
Yes, add me on chess.com, my username is programminglinguist.

A quadcopter you say? 
Arduino and some pvc pipe should do the trick. 

What are you getting for Xmas? 

Going to get tied down on my bed and beaten with a sock filled with sad faces by Santa’s elves. 

Do you feel ronery?

My cat Ruby keeps me company. Sometimes she gets scared of my vape and goes under my bed and then I feel lonely. 

What? You’re posting on Tumblr?

3 page essay not getting done. 

Math major? Oz noes so scary!

Yep failing a class.

What happened to economics?

My peers are assholes and the economics major doesn’t provide me with the tools to do my own research. Highest math capability the econ major requires is differential calculus. Actually, less. 

And of pawlitics?

My history class and club have sucked the interest out of me. I am merely a walking handsome bachelor, perhaps wielding a quadcopter soon. 



From the Economist Oct 26 issue 2013

From the Economist Oct 26 issue 2013

Will I be able to speak to Brzezinski? I hope so.

My Political History & Current Events club on campus is growing in ambition… or at least I am. I believe Richard Reeves has accepted an invitation to do a teleconference (Skype) chat with us, and I’ve emailed David Reynolds and Zbigniew Brzezinski asking for them too. Awaiting responses with giddy anticipation. 

What the hell is the point of a carpool lane?

I think the idea is that people will choose to ride together for the purpose of going in a lane with fewer cars, but in reality it’s more like people will choose to ride together for the purpose of saving money on gas (with the added but non-essential benefit of being in the extra lane). This lane needs to be opened to everyone. Restricting lanes at all is a bad idea unless it’s toll lanes. 

Fucking carpool lanes … 

Okay I’m Back

Back again… da da da whatever and however that song goes. 

What has realpolitiks been up to lately?

  • Swtched major to mathematics, minor to economics
  • Struggling with new fall semester classes
  • Winning Goodreads books
  • Started the Political History and Current Events Club at the CSUN campus
  • Reading sociology, mathematics history, and listening to audiobooks on philosophy, psychology, and history
  • Did I mention that near the end of summer I wrote an algorithm to solve Sudoku puzzles? That’s pretty cool I think. Totally bragging about it. Algorithm is terrible but it does the job and I’m too lazy to improve it even though I have ideas. 
  • Reddit became my friend.
  • Trying to figure out economics “research assistant” stuff. I got a job doing that but it’s more trivial work than anything considered research. Still, something to put on a resume? 
  • I have accepted the simulation hypothesis and am eagerly waiting to be proved wrong. 

Anonymous asked: Your computers would have to precisely predict the future. They will fail unless your computer can predict what you want to eat for lunch 10 days from now, what you'll wear tomorrow, and what your preferences will be next year. The people programming those computers would also have to account for many many many variables in order to accurately model the world economy.

I think the advantage of computer programs is that they can adapt to present situations far faster than humans can because of their large processing powers, and they will be able to model future output better than can be done by humans by hand. Of course we already use computer programs to predict the future so I’m not sure what was the point of saying that, but I guess it is worth amending the idea by saying that computers with far advanced AI in the future will do it BETTER than previously expected limits of functionality. 

I don’t think a planned economy would go so far as to impede on the individual liberties of people like dictating what you will eat tomorrow or your career goals or your fashion sense. I think that’s some nightmare a young libertarian might imagine after reading too much Orwell/InfoWars/Libertarian propaganda. I think instead the future of planned economies will be recognized as a time of large increases in efficiency and output (surpluses even) with the benefit of not having losses in other sectors of the economy as payment for those increases. 

This is of course a future prediction and I don’t expect this to happen within the next 50 years or even the next 200 years. 600 maybe? Maybe a good reference point of when this will happen (and I do believe it is inevitably going to happen either with a largely automated private economy or with nationalized planned industries) is when we see personal quantum computers in the hands of theater students. 

This is not so inconceivable since the human brain is a machine itself: inputs, outputs, electricity, complexity.

I do believe in the possibility of a planned economy.

Perhaps humans themselves cannot manage every aspect of a planned economy, but I have no doubt that computers will soon be a better alternative to the price mechanism in a free market. Mises and Hayek had no idea what quantum computing or even super computers today would be capable of but we have a better view of the horizon of technology to come. Computers will soon be better than the human brain with advances in artificial intelligence and eventually we will have to transfer the price mechanism to a computer network to boost efficiency in national production.

I think I’ve figured out why I don’t post much on this blog

I just am not bothered that much in my life to write aggressively about it online. Sure feels good to live a peaceful existence. 

This summer I will maybe be traveling to Moscow on a tourist trip to see Lenin and Red Square and other cool stuff. Maybe I will also see St. Petersburg. Hopefully I won’t get put into prison for some stupid thing I’ll do because I can’t read signs or speak Russian. My dad who does speak Russian will accompany me if we do end up going to make sure that I don’t fuck up the country.

Yes. Looking forward to all of that.