I’m very happy about this. 

So I “solved” half my homework problems without writing anything down. My method is quite efficient. I just search/save pdfs of similar examples I find online and assume I’ll figure out how to apply them a day before the assignment is due. 12 points right there (even including the extra credit assigned for a LaTeX copy). Not cheating, instead research.

Another day spent successfully accomplishing almost nothing of immediate value and making future-me hate current-me! 

"Mathematics instruction should concentrate less on the low-level use of high-level ideas and more on the high-level use of low-level ideas."

Uri Treisman, 1993 (via ja-dark)

Ooooo. I wonder how to apply this. Thoughts?

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Replace Stewart for Spivak. Done. 

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I really don’t like practicing math

Instead I just like to look at it. It’s like being a shitty artist, but still marvelling at the great masterpieces of the past. 

Breaking News in the UK

Nothing changed in the UK. 

- Every newspaper

Today I will look stoned

Not because I am, but because of an all-nighter math jam. 

So I spend a half hour on a homework proof

I couldn’t get the answer. 

I read the book for two days.

I find the proof. 


Well… I’m guilty too.