What the hell is the point of a carpool lane?

I think the idea is that people will choose to ride together for the purpose of going in a lane with fewer cars, but in reality it’s more like people will choose to ride together for the purpose of saving money on gas (with the added but non-essential benefit of being in the extra lane). This lane needs to be opened to everyone. Restricting lanes at all is a bad idea unless it’s toll lanes. 

Fucking carpool lanes … 

Okay I’m Back

Back again… da da da whatever and however that song goes. 

What has realpolitiks been up to lately?

  • Swtched major to mathematics, minor to economics
  • Struggling with new fall semester classes
  • Winning Goodreads books
  • Started the Political History and Current Events Club at the CSUN campus
  • Reading sociology, mathematics history, and listening to audiobooks on philosophy, psychology, and history
  • Did I mention that near the end of summer I wrote an algorithm to solve Sudoku puzzles? That’s pretty cool I think. Totally bragging about it. Algorithm is terrible but it does the job and I’m too lazy to improve it even though I have ideas. 
  • Reddit became my friend.
  • Trying to figure out economics “research assistant” stuff. I got a job doing that but it’s more trivial work than anything considered research. Still, something to put on a resume? 
  • I have accepted the simulation hypothesis and am eagerly waiting to be proved wrong. 

I do believe in the possibility of a planned economy.

Perhaps humans themselves cannot manage every aspect of a planned economy, but I have no doubt that computers will soon be a better alternative to the price mechanism in a free market. Mises and Hayek had no idea what quantum computing or even super computers today would be capable of but we have a better view of the horizon of technology to come. Computers will soon be better than the human brain with advances in artificial intelligence and eventually we will have to transfer the price mechanism to a computer network to boost efficiency in national production.

A funny joke I heard on an audiobook regarding John Maynard Keynes.

If you put two economists in one room to discuss a problem, you’ll get two opinions, unless one of them is Lord Keynes in which case you’ll get three.

My source: Keynes Hayek

Econ Summer Studies

Ideally I would read one paper from an academic journal from the EconLit database every day during my summer break. I can do this, right?

This is on top of my reading schedule of one book a week. 

Amazing classes for Fall 2013 at my university which I hope to take.

History [“and methods” I think?] of Economic Thought which covers Adam Smith - Walras/Keynes.

History of the World Since 1945 which includes revolutions, deeper studies into the cold war, economic trends during the time, and overall havoc that can be put into words and told to students in a classroom setting. 

I have been waiting to take these classes for a year now. This is gonna be fucking awesome since the history of economic thought and the cold war period are my specific interests in reading material, AND they count towards graduation credits. 

Fuck yeah higher education and non-pleb status. 

In other news, I’m a white college student who has ramen for dinner sometimes. 

While listening to the audiobook of “Keynes Hayek” …

It just hit me today that Keynes was gay.

"Best Economics Books" Searches

Never again will I try to look up the best economics books or any other similar query on Google or any other search engine. The paulbots have taken over. No Henry Hazlitt did not write one of the best economics books, and no Krugman doesn’t belong there either.

One of those economics comic pieces that should stay archived forever.