He also participated in a CIA run behavioral engineering study, known as MKUltra, conducted by Dr. Henry Murray, an expert on stress interviews.[12] Students in Murray’s study were told they would be debating personal philosophy with a fellow student.[13] Instead, they were subjected to a “purposely brutalizing psychological experiment”[13] stress test, which was an extremely stressful, personal, and prolonged psychological attack. During the test, students were taken into a room and connected to electrodes that monitored their physiological reactions, while facing bright lights and a one-way mirror. Each student had previously written an essay detailing their personal beliefs and aspirations: the essays were turned over to an anonymous attorney, who would enter the room and individually belittle each student based in part on the disclosures they had made. This was filmed, and students’ expressions of impotent rage were played back to them several times later in the study. According to author Alston Chase, Kaczynski’s records from that period suggest he was emotionally stable when the study began. Kaczynski’s lawyers attributed some of his emotional instability and dislike of mind control to his participation in this study.[13][14] Indeed, some have suggested that this experience may have been instrumental in Kaczynski’s future actions.[15]

CIA… Oh you ~

I will be seeing Donald Rumsfeld on May 20th

I will also be receiving an autographed copy of his new book Rumsfeld’s Rules

With the opening of his library this week, the 43rd president is edging back into view — but he still prefers painting and golfing to politics.”

Perhaps this Sequester won’t be so terrible.

Admitting to the public that the consequences are the faults of the others might be a great political strategy for everyone in government. Since Obama has no third term, he can play this game and not necessarily take the blame since budget issues are not his problem, he only executes the legislation and cuts that are already in law.

As for the Congress, they can continue to blame each other and say that the Senate or the House is sitting on their asses and all will continue as did the last few years.

These cuts, however devastating, may be necessary for the long-term spending trends since increasing revenues is much harder than cutting programs. This type of politicking is just riding off the laziness of the others, at least in press conferences. In reality they are fighting difficult battles with debate and voting on the Hill. 

Blaming it all on one another may be the easiest thing our representatives can do right now as they face the reality of spending cuts and increasing taxes during difficult times.

These cuts can of course be reversed if the legislatures provide funding again soon, but perhaps it is in the best interest of the budgeting to continue this blame game and take it now rather than over the lengthy period of time. Perhaps now we can focus on increasing efficiency rather than increasing overall revenue and spending. 

There are plenty of places where our government can cut back or reform (entitlements, defense) and still manage to maintain power. 8% cut now, and more over the next decade. That’s horrible for re-election, unless they continue to play the same politics of the blame game. It’s 2am please don’t take me too seriously.

Woot I am busy.

First week of spring semester!

Calculus homework finished to my satisfaction near 3AM and I’m reading one book a week (possibly more if I had some time or if I had shorter books), and watching anime to catch up for Anime Expo 2013. 

As suspected, my first accounting class has a dull textbook. 

Goddamn I love anime soundtracks. Beautiful and EXCITING music. 

Current book is Tension City: Inside the Presidential Debates


President Karzai visited the United States over the past week to have talks on the future events concerning American involvement in Afghanistan. A “Zero Option” has been put on the table along with other smaller numbers that the president seems to be interested in such as leaving fewer than 10,000 troops in the region after the conclusion of the war. Some figures are as low as 2,000 (of course zero is a possible option as well). 

With Obama’s new picks for cabinet, his foreign policy may be shifting towards that of less military intervention. Chuck Hagel (nominee for Secretary of Defense) and John Kerry (nominee for Secretary of State) have both served during the Vietnam war, and more interestingly, Chuck Hagel will be the first Secretary of Defense to have served in the Vietnam war. 

Perhaps with Karzai gone by 2014, Barack Obama may be planning ahead by trying to reduce Afghani dependence on American military services and our troop presence. Considering a similar case with Iraq, it may not turn out well no matter how many troops are left behind. 

Also, my family now has more than 30 television channels so maybe I’ll start watching television more often. WE HAVE C-SPAN NOW! Oh also, January the 11th was my birthday and I had a fantastic day.

Similar to the last link I posted, this article has taken a cool look at how the emerging middle class in the east will shape consumption and the world economy.

Why walkable communities, sustainable economics, and multilateral diplomacy are the future of American power.

"It is quite legitimate to argue that modern governments have grown excessively large, and that they thereby limit economic growth and individual freedom. People are right to complain about unresponsive bureaucracy, corrupt politicians, and the unprincipled nature of politics. But in the developed world, we take the existence of government so much for granted that we sometimes forget how important it is, and how difficult it was to create, and what the world would look like without certain basic political institutions."

— Francis Fukuyama, The Origins of Political Order - pg. 12

I really wish people would stop trying to explain the economy with analogies.


The economy is not a car.

The economy is not a bathtub.

The economy is not a house.

The economy is not a tree.

The economy is not a factory.

The economy is not a boat.

The economy is not a living being.

The economy is not anything in Green Eggs and Ham

The house analogy is #1 when it comes to talking about deficit spending. It’s really fucking annoying.