So I got invited to a teleconference with Tim Weiner…

I intend to start a type of geopolitics club at my university, similar to the one established at my high school. In that club, we had teleconferences with famous people and I had the opportunity to ask Sergei Krushchev some questions regarding the cold war. 

Since I graduated, I believe they invited H.R. McMaster and now they have Tim Weiner! This is all via Skype, and the Weiner conference will be held 3-4 months from now from what I’ve been told. The president of geopolitics club has read his books on the FBI and CIA, and I told him about my readings of the CIA book and he gave me the opportunity of being a guest panelist ^_^

Hell yeah. I get to ask Tim Weiner a question. Be jealous. Be very jealous.